If your goal is to raise one sheep or a larger flock of meat or wool sheep, then this is for you..

At last! Discover the Simple Steps on How To Raise Sheep Easily and Correctly and AVOID the Costly and Deadly Mistakes that Sheep Owners are Prone to!

Whether you are starting a few head of sheep or a large flock, a small farm or vast ranch…this information will slash your learning time in Half by Using Techniques That Give You Immediate Results!!


From: Chris Hill
Date: 15th March, 10.28am

RE: Who Else Wants To Raise Sheep?

Dear Sheep Farmers or Ranchers,

Are you frustrated with the limited quality on how to raise sheep books on the market? Are you disappointed again that they are difficult to follow? Not enough information? Do you have questions on raising sheep properly that need to be answered?

You have tons of questions about raising sheep and you’re sick and tired of searching for information from all over the place, struggling to get the true and complete facts.

If you have any interest at all in getting a sheep or lamb… and if you want to find out what type of sheep you should get…or you just want to figure out whether you should get a sheep or not…keep reading on for the most important information you need to know.

Whatever your reason for choosing these fascinating livestock, you need to know how to raise them properly, from planning their birth to how to take care of them properly.

I searched in almost all the corner bookstores around. Yeah, sure I found a few sheep books, livestock books and the all too unknown books about livestock authored by the so-called ‘experts’. I bought them happily and started reading… but when I applied the tips given, I discovered there was still SO MUCH MORE that was NOT addressed!

After a hard consideration, I set out to find these secrets myself. It was not easy at first, but I pursued and persevered.

I ended up doing my own research to find out the truth about these secrets so that I can take good care of my own flocks… all of my sheep.

Then, I wanted them to get along with each other AND the children. I spent over 3 months just communicating with veterinarians, other sheep owners and various experienced breeders of different sheep types. My goal was to get global expertise from different people and get their input as well as learn from their experiences.

For example, do you really know:

What are some methods for raising sheep?

What does it take to raise a show sheep?

Are raising sheep hard? What do they eat?

What things should a person know before starting to raise sheep?

What kind of grass do sheep like to eat?

How do I know if raising sheep is right for me?

How much acreage do you need to keep a small flock of sheep?

What is the best type of sheep to keep as pet?

What are the characteristics of sheep?

What are the major limitations to raising sheep?

What are the resources needed for sheep?

What the common diseases faced by sheep and how to control it?

What is the least expensive, but most effective fence to keep sheep contained?

How many sheep could I keep on a acre of land?

What is the best kind of fence to protect from predators?

What is a good size herd for a beginner?

Do I have to start big to succeed in raising sheep?

What are the steps in starting a sheep meat business?

Any equipment that is essential to raise sheep?

What are the required nutrients to keep your sheep healthy?

What do you feed to ewe, ram and lamb? Are there any difference?


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If you answered ‘no’ or ‘not sure to even one of these questions you ARE putting your sheep at risk!

Then, I researched on the internet, burning the midnight oil to read articles and forum posts to find out more. And, of course, I did not forget about the tips I've gathered from books I've bought from the local bookstores.

Phew! It was a lot of work. But if you were to ask me whether it was worth the effort, I'll say YES because I finally got my answers. It's no longer a secret to me how to raise my sheep happily and healthily the way I want it.

Here's your ticket to fast-track learn that and to end any shooting in the dark, figuring how to achieve that…

Announcing a 248 pages of:

“How To Raise Sheep – The Complete Beginners Guide To Raising Sheep”

This is unlike ANY book on sheep you see on the shelf because it's a researched book from people who personally own different sheep. If you want to learn how to fly, would you ask a sailor to teach you or an airplane pilot?

With that said, The Complete Beginners Guide To Raising Sheep is a collection of tips and secrets from many sheep lovers (like you and me), instead of opinions of a single 'sheep-expert'.

Here are short descriptions of what you'll discover in this guide ebook:


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Sheep
>> Uncover the history of sheep and how you can appreciate this animal from where it begin
>> Discover 8 key reasons why you want to raise goats?
>> Learn the terminology of sheep so that you can speak the same lingo when speaking with other sheep owners without feeling out of place
>> Find out the basic sheep behavior to help make raising and handling sheep less stressful
>> Know exactly how to differentiate the sheep from the goats using these 6 critical factors


Chapter 2 - Choosing Sheep Breeds
>> Find out about the different common meat sheep breeds together with the history and characteristics respectively
>> Learn about the different common wool sheep breeds together with the history and characteristics respectively
>> Discover about the different common multi-purpose sheep breeds together with the history and characteristics respectively


Chapter 3 - Sheep Selection
>> Learn exactly why you need to obtain the knowledge and skill to judge a sheep livestock
>> Discover the 7 major areas that you should be able to do in order to successfully evaluate livestock
>> Know exactly the 27 different parts of a sheep, characteristics of an ideal female and characteristics of an ideal market sheep
>> 4 little known pointers to help you judge a class or group of sheep systematically
>> Learn the system to evaluate a sheep so that you can be a good judge of livestock and don’t need to depend on non-trusted sources to make any future decision
Chapter 4 - Feeding Sheep
>> 5 key major categories of nutrient required by sheep to maintain overall productivity, health and well-being
>> Discover the 3 distinct stages of ewe of production for ewe and how by knowing the ewe body weight and condition score can improve the decision affecting feeding management
>> Learn the feeding program for growing and finishing lambs during winter and spring-lambing production systems respectively
>> Find out the feeding requirements for ram before the beginning of the breeding season to avoid frequent cause of ram mortality
>> 7 primary type of feeds which you can consider to use to keep your sheep healthy


Chapter 5 - Sheep Nutrition
>> Feed for the ewe flock represents the largest production cost in sheep enterprise. Learn about nutritional management program to avoid over-nutrition and under-nutrition
>> Discover the 5 basic nutrient groups and a deficiency in any one can reduce performance and productivity
>> Get to know the 15 essential minerals for sheep divided into 2 groups, whether macro or trace minerals and the ratio in the diets
>> Find out the nutritional requirements of your ewe flock and how these change over a yearly production cycle in 5 periods
>> Distinguish 2 broad areas of grazing management systems and when it is appropriate to apply it to enhance and ensure optimum production of your sheep
>> Learn about the body condition scoring system from 1 to 5 and discover how it can help producers make important feed management decisions


Chapter 6 - Housing and Facilities for Sheep
>> Learn the 4 important sheep housing needs to consider for new sheep owners when building new yards
>> Bedding provides warmth, insulation and comfort to housed sheep. Discover 9 various types of bedding and the absorption factor to know which is easy and appropriate to use compared to one another
>> Does your sheep require shelter and shade when kept outside?
>> Know the key factor in keeping sheep outside in the winter and still be able to stay warm
>> Find out the necessary and optional facilities and equipments of a sheep project without having to spend unnecessarily


Chapter 7 - Fencing for Sheep
>> Fencing is usually the largest capital expenditure on sheep farm. Learn the 2 types of fencing which are required
>> Discover the 5 types of recommended perimeter fencing and when to use for different environment and situations
>> Learn the 4 fencing attributes that best fits your outdoor sheep facility
>> Find out the 3 different materials that can be used to construct temporary electric fences
>> Uncover the pros and cons for the different fencing types and learn when to best use it


Chapter 8 - Breeding and Reproduction
>> Surveys show that 10 to 15% of rams examined are unsatisfactory potential breeders. Learn the breeding soundness examination procedures to select a ram that has potential in efficient growth
>> Find out the 5 factors that can influence the reproduction rate in sheep and how this can determine the profitability of a sheep enterprise
>> Discover the importance of reproduction management of the ewe flock and the ram to increase the reproductive rate
>> Get to know the effect of temperature on the reproduction rate and the impact to the internal system of sheep
>> Uncover the nutrition and management techniques that can be used to improve reproductive efficiency in sheep
>> 6 guidelines that can be used when selecting replacement lambs to improve reproduction by genetic selection


Chapter 9 - Handling Sheep
>> What you need to do to minimize the stress during handling and transportation else this may result in skin injuries, bruising and even sudden death
>> Learn and understand sheep behavior thoroughly in order to provide a conducive environment and help owner to handle them properly and use proper management techniques
>> Discover how to use the basic concept of flight zone to the handlers’ advantage when handling sheep
>> Uncover the point of balance concept and the mistakes that many people make while trying to get sheep to move forward through a chute
>> Get to know the easiest way to lead the sheep to a catch pen without chasing them and causing unnecessary stress
>> Setting a sheep on its rump is called tipping and learn 11 methods for tipping sheep when you want to trim a sheep’s hooves or gain access to its underside
>> Learn about the important pointers when you are considering to use a herding dog to gather, hold or move the sheep


Chapter 10 - Sheep Health
>> Learn about the 3 diseases and 5 disorders commonly seen in ewes just prior to or shortly after lambing
>> You will also discover the cause, symptoms, treatment and prevention methods for each of the diseases and disorders respectively


Chapter 11 - Getting Started In A Sheep Operation
>> 7 characteristics in individual which are necessary to be successful in the sheep business. Ask yourself similar questions to assess your context if you are ready
>> Who will help a new producer get started in the sheep business?
>> How much land is needed to raise sheep?
>> How to get started raising sheep?
>> Learn about the labor requirements to raise sheep. This will be an important consideration before you start so that you have the right expectation
>> Find out the importance of record keeping and the intervals recommended
>> Learn the steps on how to become a better sheep manager if you are thinking to be one and whether you fit for the role


Chapter 12 - Sheep Management Schedule for Profitable Sheep Production
>> Profitable sheep production requires the application of certain well-timed management practices to ensure the overall well-being of the flock. Learn the jobs that should be performed during particular seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) of the year regardless of lambing rate
>> Discover the management practices that should be performed according to breeding and lambing rates
>> Distinguish the various important management schedules for breeding and lambing. Learn the steps recommended for each of the phases (6 weeks before breeding, 2 weeks before breeding, at breeding, breeding to 6 weeks before lambing, 6 weeks before lambing, 4 weeks before lambing, at lambing time, post-lambing)


Chapter 13 - Protection From Predators
>> In 2004, it was estimated that 224,200 sheep and lambs was killed by predators in the US. Learn about the 8 common predators together with the percent of losses and the traits peculiar to it
>> Discover 5 techniques that shepherds can employ to protect their sheep from predators
>> Find out how to use livestock guardian dogs to protect sheep from predators and 8 type of breeds you can consider
>> Get to know 3 other livestock guardians that you can employ to protect sheep from predators if guardian dog is not preferred


Chapter 14 - Lamb from Farm to Table
>> Common questions asked for sheep preparation from farm to table
>> Learn the one thing you should be cautious of to avoid spoiling the taste and quality of the lamb


Chapter 15 - Learn From Others
>> Real life commonly asked questions about sheep care which sheep owners can learn and not make painful mistakes


Chapter 16 - Useful Online Resources
>> Online Forums that you can Get Support from like Minded People
>> Breed Associations and Clubs for Sheep to participate in to get updated with the latest news and meet with like minded people
>> List of Sheep and Livestock related magazines to get latest new of the sheep industry
>> List of available sheep equipment and show supplies for reliable sources
>> List of Sheep Haulers and Sheep Shearers who know sheep and will treat them with care
>> List of farm fencing contacts for you to consider when building your own fence to secure your sheep away from predators


"The Tips Revealed In This Handbook
Are Practical, Applicable and Instantly Useful..."

I've put together these steps and first-rate tips for you to start a wonderful journey to raising sheep from scratch and you can avoid the costly mistakes along the way. In a couple of weeks time, you will most likely be able to visually see some results.

I took a lot of time writing my ebook that is jam-packed full of tips to ensure your success in building a loving relationship.

So if I invested my time to write this handbook that promises that your sheep will be happier, healthier and most importantly safe... how much would you be willing to invest in it?

If you were searching for these useful tips yourself, it would easily take you months (or even years!) to discover them. But obviously, you DO NOT have that kind of time because YOU WANT to enjoy your time with your sheep now. Or, if you go ahead and buy several magazines or books, you'll end up spending over $200.00 or more.

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Listing of Sheep Breeders
(more than 650)

Spend your time learning and raising sheep rather than researching on breeders yourself!

We understand how busy the average person is today..

There are more than 650 sheep breeders in this report so you can find the nearest breeder and sheep breed of your liking!





Sheep Housing and Handling - Farm Resources, Facilities and Equipment

Learn about labour, amount of land required, machinery equipment, housing, lambing facilities, ventilation, flooring, penning, feeding, feed storage, watering, manure storage and etc which are critical to raise sheep successfully.

You will also discover why a well-designed sheep handling facilities are an important ingredient for successful sheep production.




Sheep Barn and Feeder Plans

Find out about 8 different sheep barn drawings and 6 various feeder plans if you decide to build your own facility. This will safe you time from going through trial and error.






Control of Internal Parasites in Sheep

Internal parasites or worms cause economic and production losses to sheep producers and internal parasitism is recognized one of the most prominent sheep disease. Sheep infected with parasites may become ill and even die. In this ereport, you will learn about effective parasite control programs, the life cycle of a typical stomach worm, symptoms and diagnosis, preventive treatment for parasites when grazing permanent pastures, other deworming programs and etc..



Planning Sheep and Goat Fencing

Fencing could be one of the highest expenditure in raising sheep. Hence, you will benefit from distinguishing the different types of fencing and the different attributes for you to make a wise selection. You will also be provided on the recommended fencing suppliers contact information for you to immediately.





Getting Started With Sheep -
Emphasis On A Commercial Operation

If you are considering to dive into raising sheep in an enterprise environment, this ereport will provide valuable information on which are the areas that you should pay attention to increase your success rate in commercial operation.




Raising and Training a
Livestock-guarding Dog

Guarding dogs are useful tools for reducing sheep losses to predators. Success depends on the inborn abilities of the dog and on proper training. This ereport provides suggestions for bringing out the best performance in your livestock-guarding dog.






11 Important Template Forms for Record Keeping When Raising Sheep

Record keeping is an important aspect of raising sheep and sheep production. Performance record keeping helps to identify the treatment record, feed inventories, feed utilization, parasite control, etc. You will be given 11 important template that you can re-use in your journey of raising sheep so that you don't need to create from scratch.




Alternative Marketing Arrangements (AMA) in the Lamb Industry: Definition, Use and Motives

Most of the marketing arrangements common in the cattle and hog industries are also used in the lamb industry. In this fact sheet, you will learn about the summary of the Livestock and Meat Marketing Study research, definitions of AMAs used in the lamb industry and the reasons why buyers and sellers use the cash market or AMAs.



81 Delicious Lamb Recipes

This 85 pages of cookbook shares with you a year's worth of succulent recipes celebrating sheep's versatility - stew, pie, roast, grill, marinated, roasted, barbecued - you name it, it's here.


These Secrets Are Yours In Just Five Minutes!

Great news. This ebook is available via instant download! You can be reading this ebook and the bonuses and be on your way of raising sheep in 5 minutes! Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before it comes with instructions, it’s so easy!

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I’ve put my heart and soul into this, and frankly, I won’t feel this is a success unless you become successful too. And I mean that sincerely.

I’ve already explained to you exactly how this comprehensive guide can help you - it’ll teach you the knowledge I wish I knew when I first started out to raise sheep - saving you both time and money!

I’ve given you all the information that you need to make an informed decision and I’ve made sure that I’ve included absolutely everything that I can to help you.

Now it’s time for you to make a decision, take action and avoid making costly mistakes!


Wishing you great success!

Author, 'How To Raise Sheep:
The Complete Beginners Guide to Raising Sheep'



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